Feng Shui Analysis

We perform a full Feng Shui analisys, combining knowledge from different schools. This fusion and our personal vision, allow us to reach the deepest places where you are the protagonist.

The idea is to accompany you on a Journey from the outside to the inside of yourself, where you have access to information that has always been there waiting to be discovered, to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

When it is interesting to carry out a
Feng Shui consultation?

  • Whenever you want to live in a harmonious environment.
  • When you want to experience personal growth and/or to reach some particular goal.
  • In situations where there are some specific problems related to space, we suspect that there are some harmful radiation or geopathies problems.
  • When you are looking for a new home, or the most suitable place to locate your business. Before carrying out reforms at home or at work.

What is a Feng Shui consultation?

Your home is talking about you, your situation, your limitations and blockages, or your strong points...And vice versa: your environment is actively affecting your life and your perception of reality.

Phases of a Feng Shui Consultation:

  1. We visit you at home. We analyze the area. We chatted about the past, present and the future you desire. Tell us right now whatever you like: your dreams, your blocks...At this point we can already start with the first actions to take, in order to make as soon as possible an energy movement.
  2. We produce a report where we capture a detailed analysis of the situation, interpretation, and conclusions with the plan of action to carry out.
  3. We visit you again. We discuss the analysis and reach an agreement on the actions to take. It is important that you feel identified, involved, that you're willing to carry them out.
  4. We support you the six months after the consultation to resolve doubts you might have.

Take a walk through our store. We show you our creations, those that inspire us, that enhance your space. We will detail its Feng Shui features, and for which areas or situations are more suitable.

Feng Shui for business

The distribution of your space, the placement of the doors or cash register, the movement of goods or customers, are affecting the opportunities and success attaction.

If you have the following goals: to increase the profits of your business, to get closer and empathy with your customers, to improve relations between staff working in that space every day, or to create an active, successful and healthy environment, we will be happy to design, decorate and help you to achieve your best business results.

Feng Shui consultations online

We also perform online Feng Shui Consultations. These sessions via Skype, will allow us to review area by area, progressively. Recomended if we need more time to understand concepts or to embrace changes in our lives.

These consultations have a duration of 45 minutes. We will make a tour of the areas of your home or workplace, in order of priority.

Interior design

Larum gives you the opportunity to combine a Feng Shui Consultation with the most appropriate Interior Design, which allows you to live in a space where the decorative details, acquire the same importance as an harmonious energy circulation.

Art and Beauty are our passion, and we show it through our studies. Larum collaborates with bil&Co Interior Design. We share the sensibility for natural materials, style fusion, and respect for your own opinion, essential to make you feel in your own space.

Do it yourself
Larum conducts Feng Shui courses and workshops, different levels.
Check out our calendar to find the most suitable for you.