I remember myself in my childhood, designing and building beautiful homes on shoeboxes. I chose the place to locate the door, the windows, the furniture and put up curtains.
I adored to have the power to create a unique environment using my hands and my imagination.

That passion continued, and after studying engineering, and joining business world in different fields, I realized I could not afford to forget what I love to do: create unique environments. And I also found the possibility of including the deepest and fascinating side: consider each person, their energetic quality, and his own life.

Although I had been interested in it before, Feng Shui came into my life when I made Masters in Interior Design at the European School for Communication Design and Visual Arts, and one module was an introduction to this art.

Some time later, I titled as a Professional Consultant and Instructor of Feng Shui at the European School of Feng Shui located in Barcelona, which is part of the Form School, reported in USA through Master Lin Yu, and the Western School of Feng Shui, founded by Terah K. Collins.

After that, I have been trained with Yuan Chen Shobhana, Master of Feng Shui, University of I Ching of Taiwan. That allowed me to expand the vision I had about the technique, the concepts and the way to apply them, as well as to have a better knowledge about Eastern culture.

Creation of Initiatory Feng Shui appears when I contacted the original Teaching of ancient cultures, and I adapted it to the Feng

Shui application. This adaptation incorporates the inhabitant of the house, as an active figure, not just an observer which depends on the position of the stars or the situation of its bathroom.

Larum evokes the word Lar, that means “Place” in old Spanish language. It is our desire to lead you to live in your own place. That place that connects the best of yourself and allows you to live your life the most harmoniously possible, optimizing every decision and drawing the best way.

Charo Bleda
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