Can you imagine to wake up in such a place? How would you focus your life from there? Would you take the same decisions?
Make your house a
temple, make your life
a work of art
Larum invites you to find that place where
live those who follow their own

How do you feel at home?
How do you feel about your life?
How are you feeling in yourself

You can find many definitions of Feng Shui: ancient Eastern technique, Chinese art, study of the places energy…and many more. All of them talk about how to live, harmoniously, the most inmediate extension to our body: the places where we develop our life (our home, the workplace, family environment…).

Observation and analysis of the energy movement have different origins, from the Tao philosophy in China, more than 5000 years ago, through Vaastu Shastra in India. So humanity has used different techniques to transform the surrounding environment and to improve their existence.

Feng Shui is a tool to analyse the space you live in, harmonize it, make it more compatible with youself, finding the most suitable place to live, positively affect your health or your relationships, and many more issues.

Going further, Larum not only study the space from a vital perspective, but we include their inhabitants and how they relate to their space. This allows you to deepen into who you are and which decisions you are taking.

We invite you to a trip where you are the protagonist, where a visual and sensory  world lead you directly to design your own interior and your own reality.